The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)

The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) is a private Catholic higher education institution founded by the Lebanese Maronite Order (LMO) in 1938. It is, thus, the first university which was established upon a Lebanese initiative and by Lebanese citizens (in this case by the LMO monks). From that moment, these monks, who had been entrusted with a teaching mission for more than three centuries, have undertaken the management of USEK. Their remit was to provide university teaching, in conformity with the requirements of the labor market and in close association with scientific research. 

Our Ecosystem

We provide what you need: the spark, the community and the support to power your ideas into life.


ACIE is a dedicated community of local professionals, founders, business owners, entrepreneurs, students, alumni, academics and staff supporting each other on an entrepreneurial journey to generate new business in Lebanon and spur economic growth.
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Our Space

ACIE space was designed to encourage creativity and collaboration. Hang out with like-minded entrepreneurs to brainstorm, research, develop ideas and learn in a work space made for creativity and innovation. The possibilities are endless: develop an idea into a prototype, perfect your presentation, practice your pitch, meet new team members.
Onsite resources include flexible work spaces, meeting areas, access to printers and free WIFI. You also have access to USEK’s lab (for robotics and product engineering.)

External Resources

An important part of the ACIE community is the growing list of experts—external service providers that contribute experience-based advice. Access expertise in all areas of business from legal imperatives to marketing tips. Our pool of business experts is complete. You’ll have access to IT professionals, legal experts, finance pros and operations masterminds. Take advantage of the opportunities to network and learn from peers and professionals.
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We host events, workshops, competitions, and lectures. If entrepreneurship is a new concept, we’ll help you learn the basics. If you’re understanding of startups and business is more advanced, we’ll help you develop, grow and thrive. At our events, you’ll connect to a network of expertise.

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