ACIE at USEK Motivation Program: Cultivating Future Entrepreneurs
  • By Reda Helbawi
  • November 28, 2023
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ACIE at USEK Motivation Program: Cultivating Future Entrepreneurs

The Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) has launched its Motivation Program, a transformative experience aimed at crafting, developing, and validating soft and hard skills to build the entrepreneurial mindset among students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset

The program motivates participants to consider entrepreneurship as a viable and impactful career choice. “It starts by giving participants the tools to discover themselves and their goals”, says Romy Massaad, the Programs Officer at ACIE.  

“The Motivation Program is where students cultivate their innovative spirit. We designed this program to enable students to build the entrepreneurial mindset, explore challenges around them, and take action to come up with business solutions”, added Massaad.

The Objectives of the Program

The Program is a series of skill-building workshops and activities that facilitates discussions with entrepreneurs, emphasizes well-being, hosts tech and entrepreneurial events, and involves real-world business case studies.

“While academic courses provide valuable knowledge, nurturing critical thinking skills is equally essential, and the motivation program excels in this regard. This initiative not only offers intrapreneurial skills for academic, daily, and professional life but also paves the way for aspiring entrepreneurs. The pre-incubation and incubation programs that follow are set to help turn creative ideas into successful businesses”, said Reda Helbawi, the Programs Senior Coordinator at ACIE. 

On-Campus Entrepreneurial Engagement 

Alongside the Motivation Program, ACIE at USEK has established regular booths on campus to provide students with opportunities to engage, knowledge-build, and ask ACIE team members any questions they may have. These interactive experiences make entrepreneurship more approachable for everyone.

“I was at university preparing for my entrance exam and the Entrepreneurship Snakes and Ladders game took my attention, so I passed by and learned about the Motivation Program”, said Makram Sultan, an 18 years old banking and finance student at USEK. “Discovering this program has motivated me to launch a journey of my own. I am interested in being an entrepreneur myself, especially that I like to be my own boss and now I have found the support that can help me”, added Sultan.