At the initiative of the Federation of Municipalities of Kesrouan Ftouh, it was decided to set up actions to encourage youth entrepreneurship.

The aim is not only to enable the region's young people to project themselves into a future on their territory, but also to enable the region's municipalities to foster their economic development.

Who is the YCE program for?

It is open to anyone under the age of 45 with one of three links to the Kesrouan Ftouh area:

The person is a university student in Keserwan Ftouh

The person is a student in a highschool in Keserwan Ftouh

The person lives in Ftouh Kesrouan.

What is the aim of the YCE program?

The aim of the YCE program is to showcase young people’s innovative ideas and projects aiming to solve challenges in their communities.

Entrepreneurship programs are often based on the state of innovation, i.e. on business creation. However, if we want to encourage the development of initiatives in a given region, it is important, even essential, to foster the development of an entrepreneurial culture corresponding to the gaseous state of entrepreneurship, in other words, upstream, on the idea of a project.

The aim of the program is to enable young people in a given region to build a project and share it with other players in the ecosystem, in order to move it forward.

This is primarily an ideas and pitch competition. These ideas can be emerging or already advanced. There are no good or bad ideas.

Why take part in our workshops?

The courses offered are online and open to all applicants who wish to pursue them. 

The aim is to provide tips and tricks on how to present your idea and what are the main ideas that will be presented.

Two training courses are offered by NDU and USEK:

Communicating your Idea

Business Model Canvas & Go-To-Market

How can you apply?

To take part in the competition, you need to register from February 1 to February 29, 2024.


If you have an idea, whether you’re a winner or not, you can contact the NDU or USEK entrepreneurship center.

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Financing that can be used to develop the idea.

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One week’s support at a university incubator (PeeL, Université de Lorraine France).

Organizing Partners

Program Partners

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