What is the Nexlabs Incubation Voucher?

Nexlabs is a program co-funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme initiative partnered with Berytech. ACIE-USEK provided tailored technical support to four SMEs in developing their innovations in the water-energy nexus, validating them in the market, and further strengthening their know-how by granting them 20,000 euros worth of technical support. This collaboration aimed to support innovators, researchers, and startups to validate their innovation, and technology, develop their business strategy, and test their go-to-market strategy.

Program in Numbers

Group Coaching
Technical Assistance sessions
One-on-One Clinics
Mentorship Sessions


AL MAWSAM is an online store; assembling, selling, and delivering products from small scale producers belonging to these categories: provisions, honey, jams and sweets, cosmetics, crackers, spirits, and crafts.

NovaEnergia is a renewable energy and energy efficiency company that has more than 11 years of experience in the field. After working for several years in solar renewable energy projects for commercial, industrial, and residential clients all over Lebanon, the team decided to realize the depth of the impact that can be made by sustainable practices infiltrating the agricultural sector. The symbiosis between renewable energy and agriculture serves the water, energy, and food nexus in ways that could greatly impact communities.

Recycler aims to pioneer waste management, education, and innovation, Recycler drives change with MENA's inaugural floating waste solution and AI-powered environmental education for sustainable impact

Removal of Microplastic and Pharmaceutical Pollutants from Wastewater aims to transform water health through nanotube innovation, combating microplastics, phthalates, and pharmaceutical contaminants for ecological and human well-being.