UWYTA in Paris
  • By Margot Wehbe
  • January 24, 2024
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UWYTA in Paris

Embarking on a three-day journey with Safir to the enchanting city of Paris was truly unparalleled. Reuniting with my Safir family in such a magnificent location added a unique touch to the entire experience.

The highlight was undoubtedly delivering UWYTA’s first international order – Safir branded tote bags. Witnessing participants wear our tote bags not just for the first day but throughout the entire event was incredibly heartwarming, a testament to their genuine appreciation.

On the first day, we delved into the story behind “La maison des déchets,” exploring its operations and gaining insightful perspectives, including an intervention by Surf Riders Paris on plastic waste. Interacting with individuals from diverse countries underscored the global significance of the issue.

On the second day, we attended a panel that shows the success Safir program has created and listening to our fellow entrepreneurs and incubators share their experience.

To end this amazing trip, we went to La Roche incubator where we delved into the essence of community for startups, emphasizing its pivotal role.

The closing ceremony took place in the exquisite Le Musée des Arts Forains, a hidden gem with vintage games and a lively ambiance. It was a perfect finale to an amazing visit.

In a nutshell, this was a one-of-a-kind experience filled with support, cherished friendships, and delightful moments.